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COVID19 Return to Play August/Fall 2020

Update 8/4/2020

We hope all our friends and families have been weathering this pandemic as best as possible.  Its certainly been tough from a youth sports perspective.   The little league has been working with our town’s recreation commission, recreation director, as well as the town government to craft protocols in order to open our fields and allow league activities for our players. These protocols come from a “safety first” perspective for everyone involved and include rules around face coverings and social distance. 

At this time, we are trying to plan a return to play for our levels on minors through juniors, softball and baseball. We are not considering a return for softball rookie, Tball and grapefruit levels until spring 2021.


Please click the link below to the document containing the protocol which the Stafford Little League must follow.  It includes a waiver that must be acknowledged and signed.  


The league needs first to determine if we can facilitate teams from a volunteer help standpoint, and if we have enough interested participation. If we cover those 2 items, we will offer the following:

Baseball Minors  (ages 8,9) – if interested, please contact Jason Joseph at

Baseball Majors – (10-11) if interested, please contact Matt Pace at

Baseball Juniors  - (12 – 15) if interested, please contact Rich Smith at

For softball interest at any level minors through juniors – contact Jon Martorelli @


Our coordinators will take the interested players and determine if we have the help available to facilitate practices and some games, or potentially a fall “season”.  As we are unsure of the level of organization that may be available, we are not contemplating a fee at this time.  if we can start and have an organized fall league to join, we can determine a registration fee to cover any umpire or uniform expenses we may need.  We will try to combine as much as we can and elevate divisions, for example, if a child is 12 and would normally play juniors next season (2021) – we will move them to the juniors level now. (typical progression for fall). 


If we cannot provide assistance for coaching and facilitators to help with our safety protocol for any level, we will not return to play for that group until Spring 2021.  The protocol must be followed and needs the oversight for safety concerns.  If we can form teams, parent communication will be provided, including a meeting to make sure everyone is aware and in agreement to comply with the protocols (what the kids need to do, what our facilitators will do, and our field rules).


What we are trying to do now, is determine the interest from a participant standpoint.

Coordinators will be reaching out to past players as well, but if you have interest – please reach out to the appropriate contact above.  


Stay Safe, and Lets Play Ball,

Stafford Little Leauge Board of Directors

by posted 08/04/2020
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