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Stafford Little League believes parents are an important part to the success of our organization. The league expects your player to have the best experience as much as you do.  We recognize most parents are involved as much as their kids so below are some recommended programs, guidelines, and information.

Be a Positive Parent on the Sidelines This Season (provided by Little League International)

As a parent, you want the best possible experience for your Little Leaguer®. But sometimes emotions run high - for you, your child, coaches and umpires - which may mean a bad experience. Knowingly or not, you as the parent may be negatively influencing your child's experience. You as the parent have more control over the quality of your child's experience than you may realize. Little League International is pleased to offer to all Little League® parents a free online learning opportunity from Positive Coaching Alliance. Featuring video-based sports-parenting tips from Positive Coaching Alliance National Advisory Board Member and Hall of Fame Manager Tony La Russa.


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Deciding on proper equipment for your child

We get many questions regarding equipment before and during the season such as:

  • What bat size is best for my child? What is the best bat brand? What is the best bat weight?

  • What size glove is best for infield versus outfield?  Does age matter when sizing the glove?

We've gathered a resource that we believe breaks down the information as clearly as possible:

DISCLAIMER: Stafford Little League is not affiliated, or advertising for homerunmonkey.com.  The information provided by homerunmonkey.com should be used as a guide to determine the best possible sizing for your child.  Results will vary with equipment purchased from any vendor due to many factors that influence your child’s performance including by not limited to age, height, weight, and athleticism.  If you choose to purchase equipment from homerunmonkey.com and issues are encountered, Stafford Little League is not responsible for any and all issues.


Back Yard Hitting Drills for Coaches and Dads


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Here's a quick rundown of the drills...


1. Front Toss Drill - to improve rhythm, timing, balance, and swing sequence => Two sets of 10 reps


2. Three Ball Front Toss Drill - trains your players to hit inside, middle, and outside pitches at the correct plate depth => Two sets of 9 reps (3 in, 3 middle, 3 out)


3. Front Toss Curve Drill - teaches the proper timing and swing path for hitting a curveball => Two sets of 10 reps.


4. Front Toss Contact Drill - reinforces the correct contact position, with the bottom palm facing up and the top palm facing down => Two sets of 10 reps